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Rhoni...Thank you for the “perfect” day! You made our wine tour! We plan to return and we will be in touch when we do. Mike & Jill, Twin Falls, ID
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Questions & Answers

Why should we choose Eclectic Tour?

We've never been to the Wine Country before, can you plan our tour for us?

What wine regions do you tour?

What are your tour rates?

Because each tour is unique, your pick up location and the number of hours you request will determine the rate. We are very competitive with other specialized tour companies in the Wine Country and we will strive for your business.

Do your rates include gratuity?

A base gratuity is automatically added to your final bill. We charter our vehicles for tour by the hour, plus a fuel fee and gratuity at twenty percent. We are a very small company, specializing in premium wine tours so quality of service is always at its best.

Will my party be the only guests on the tour?

Do the tour rates include tasting fees?

Can we picnic at any winery we choose?

How many wineries can I visit on a tour?

Do I get to meet owners and winemakers?

In many cases, yes, but the schedules of owners and winemakers are not predictable, so they may not always be available. We generally choose wineries that are off the beaten path, where you will receive the attention you deserve. We make our winery choices based on two criteria, 1. Do they make great wine? 2. Do they have friendly staff?

I like my own music, can I bring my own CDs or iPod?

Can we charter a car for dinner?

I am new to the area. Can you recommend hotels and restaurants for our visit?

Do you provide lunch?

Can I purchase a gift certificate for a wine tour?

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 72 hour cancellation policy, except during the high season of August 15th-November 15th, when the cancellation policy is 14 days . We ask for a credit card number to reserve your special day and there is a non refundable deposit of $100. If you cancel within the 72 hour time frame (or the 14 day time frame during high season), the full minimum charge will be billed to your credit card unless we are able to book a replacement tour.

Lastly...should you choose not to hire a qualified professional for your tour, we can recommend the name of an excellent local Bail Bondsman to help you out of your predicament, should the need arise!

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Eclectic Tour 707.224.2265 / 888.411.TOUR