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Tour California's Russian River Valley

Journey back in time to California’s Russian River Valley – a gem where winemaking roots run deep. Starting from the 19th century, when Mediterranean immigrants planted the very first grapevines, this region has held a special place in the heart of wine lovers. These very gardens introduced the beloved Zinfandel to the US.

Though the early 20th century saw more than 200 flourishing wineries, Prohibition took its toll. But like a phoenix, the Russian River Valley rose again the 1970s, reclaiming its esteem position. Today it stands tall with wines that captivate both aficionados and newcomers.

Wish to savor the flavors of the finest cool-climate California red wines? Dive into the sumptuous world of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. With more than 70 wineries crafting more than 30 exquisite varieties, there’s an abundance to explore. The region’s unique blend of morning fog from the nearby Pacific Ocean – combined with the Goldridge and Sebastopol soils – perfects the art of grape ripening. This magic is what thrust the region from obscurity to excellence.

While the region offers splendid Chardonnay and Zinfandel, it’s the Pinot Noir that wears the crown. This is where California’s New World style truly shines and sets unparalleled standards.

Let Eclectic Tours guide you to the heart of this wine paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned wine enthusiast or just beginning your journey, Russian River Valley awaits to enchant you. Join us and raise a toast to California’s finest!

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