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When exploring Sonoma, you can’t go wrong from one breathtaking view to another. Located just north of the Bay Area of San Francisco and Oakland, the Sonoma Valley is in the heart of the best wine country in the entire United States. In all of Sonoma County, there are more than 425 wineries! That leaves plenty to be explored over a single trip, and many reasons to come back and explore even more.

Sonoma, sometimes referred to as the Valley of the Moon, is one of the first places in California to cultivate wine and establish beautiful vineyards to create some of the best experiences in the world. In addition to the centerpiece attraction of the sweeping winery scene, there are plenty of world-class hotels and restaurants to experience in Sonoma.

Bordered to the north by the Montini Open Space Preserve, a beautiful hiking area, El Verano and Boyes Hot Springs to the west, Buena Vista to the east and Four Corners to the south, Sonoma is the perfect place to start your wine tours and center the plan for your itinerary while discovering Wine Country.

Eclectic Tour specializes in finding the best, largely undiscovered small, family-owned wineries in Sonoma. With so many to choose from, Eclectic Tour takes your tastes and interests and applies them to our vast knowledge of the Sonoma Valley and beyond to create a fully customized and unique wine tour of Sonoma. We will take you to the wineries, work with the representatives at each site to prepare an experience you are looking for, whether it is branching out and discovering new flavors, sticking to your favorites, or a combination of both! Wine tours with Eclectic Tour leave no stone unturned in finding the perfect wineries, pairings and other experiences that will make your trip one you will never forget — until your next!

Beyond winery expertise, Eclectic Tour offers travel across the Sonoma Valley winery scene in style. Our luxurious vehicles are comfortable and will be the perfect mode of transportation for your discovery of Sonoma’s beautiful wineries. Additionally, we have exceptional knowledge in the best hotels and restaurants to make sure your trip isn’t just spectacular wine adventures, but a completely holistic trip that meets and exceeds your expectations at every turn.

Looking for a custom wine tour of Sonoma? Contact Darren and our team at Eclectic Tour to see what tour option would be perfect for your next trip to Wine Country.

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