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One could take a seemingly endless journey down one of the many valleys in Northern California and still not run out of a unique, breathtaking winery to visit. That’s great when thinking of a trip to the best Wine Country in the United States, but when you get here, how do you tackle such an overwhelming task to see only the best wineries with the most unique and exceptional experiences you can? That, you can leave to the professionals, like the winery tour veterans who have years and years of experience developing unique itineraries and guiding exclusive wine tours in all of the Sonoma and Napa Valleys at Eclectic Tour.

Nothing encapsulates what we do at Eclectic Tour quite like St. Helena. Located at the northwest end of Napa County and north up the Napa Valley, St. Helena is located adjacent to Zinfandel, California and just southeast of Calistoga. It is a very easy and scenic route to get from Napa to St. Helena, as it takes just a 30-minute drive to travel up the west side of the valley. From downtown San Francisco, this drive into St. Helena can be 90 minutes. Regardless of where you are coming from, St. Helena’s beauty and charm is something special to behold.

St. Helena produces some of the best wine in all of Northern California. Situated north in the Napa Valley where York Creek meets the Napa River, St. Helena is a fantastic place for wineries and vineyards. With more than 150 wineries in the St. Helena area, there are plenty of hidden gems to find and explore to taste exquisite wine and have an unforgettable experience all around. St. Helena, like much of the Wine Country in Napa Valley, is known for its exceptional Cabernet blends and varieties. Specifically, you can find some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the entire world in St. Helena. The mostly dry climate of this part of the Napa Valley makes for a great place for this type of wine.

At Eclectic Tour, we have so many years of experience in the St. Helena area that we know what clients have truly loved about each place we have taken them. With that experience, we can tailor each part of your upcoming itinerary to best suit your tastes and desires that will completely deliver because of our expertise. Don’t go to the biggest or most famous winery just because you’ve heard of it! Trust experts that are committed to showcasing the lesser-known, unique and breathtaking winery experiences the St. Helena area and Napa Valley has to offer.

Darren and out team work each day to ensure each client has a trip and memories that will last a lifetime. Our expertise will show you Wine Country like you never imagined possible, and with our fleet of luxury vehicles to whisk you away to each location, plus additional itinerary recommendations with hotels, restaurants and other activities, your experience will be unforgettable.

Contact Darren and our dedicated, caring team today to see what Eclectic Tour can do to help make your visit to St. Helena and Wine Country an exceptional one.

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