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It’s no secret that the Napa Valley of northern California is one of the wine hotbeds of America. Not to mention, it can be counted as one of the premier wine regions in the entire world. When looking to make a trip to the Napa Valley and surrounding area to indulge in wine tasting, beautiful scenery and relaxation, you’re in for an exceptional visit in Wine Country. Given Napa Valley is a nationally-known name, what does that mean for your visit? While some Napa Valley wineries are well-traveled, there are many in Napa, Sonoma and surrounding towns that are just as unique and breathtaking but far more unknown. One such area is the town of Yountville, sneaking in with a population just under 3,500 people.

What some might see as just a dot on a map within the lengthy Napa Valley, Yountville thrives in its quaint and underrated charm. Yountville is conveniently located in the heart of the Napa Valley, just a 15-minute drive north of Napa on Highway 29. It is just an hour and 20 minutes away from downtown San Francisco as well. No matter if you are coming from the north or south, near or far, Yountville is a special place in Wine Country.

Yountville is very unique for its walkability and accessibility for tasting rooms and wineries. With 14 tasting rooms in Yountville and additional wineries in the area, it is an incredible spot to see a wide variety of experiences and different wine in a condensed area with less driving time and movement. In addition to the winery and tasting room scene in Yountville, it is also a culinary hub and destination in the Napa Valley. Quite possibly, it could be considered the heart of the food landscape in Wine Country. The famous, three-star Michelin Guide restaurant, The French Laundry, is part of the fabric of Yountville, a haven for luxury and boutique experiences that are unforgettable.

Eclectic Tour is experienced and ready to show you and your group the most detailed and unforgettable time in Yountville. From our past itinerary creation with guests and our own winery touring experiences, Darren and our team can work with you closely to tailor a custom itinerary or surprise you with the most unique excursions based on your tastes and desires from this winery journey. Often the best memories and tastings come from the wineries and tasting rooms that our guests would least expect them. The Napa Valley is full of diamonds, it’s just a matter of having the guidance to find them all and visiting. Yountville is exceptionally full of these diamonds and Eclectic Tour is here to provide the guidance and support for your group to have a decadent and relaxing trip.

Darren and the team are always hard at work developing custom, luxurious itineraries that will blow every one of our clients expectations out of the water. Wine Country is a special place, and that specialty deserves an equally extraordinary plan to leave you longing for the next visit even before your current journey is finished.

Contact Darren and our dedicated team today to see just how Eclectic Tour goes above and beyond to make your vacation to Yountville and the rest of Wine Country one that is second to none.

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